Class D Personnel

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D-67895: SCP-687
D-19905: SCP-211
D-25684: SCP-301
D-78906: Experiment log 554-A
D-78909: SCP-544
D-713-235: Experiment Log 713
D-713-234: Experiment Log 713
D-13627: File #178-E
D-713-233: SCP-713, Experiment Log 713
D-52908: Round Trip
D-1282: SCP-971
D-1283: Experiment Log 914
D-16292: SCP-911
D-7258: Experiment Log 114 A
D-061-099: Incident 668 A
D-3518: Experiment Log 261 Ad De
D-8381: SCP-819
D-8788: SCP-508
D-56187: SCP-301
D-65871: Experiment log 554-A
D-23405: SCP-1369
D-83011: SCP-1111
D-34421-9: SCP-558
D-423245: SCP-544
D-09983: SCP-301
D-2856: SCP-344
D-56001: SCP-301
D-59414: SCP-290
D-73844: SCP-845
D-1087: SCP-2383-J-T
D-504889: Chapter 5: The Water Bearer
D-354789: SCP-1233
D-1151: SCP-819, SCP-516 Testing Log
D-12154: SCP-944
D-9237: SCP-1691
D-87465: SCP-181
D-826-07: Experiment Log 826
D-00104: Experiment Log 914
D-826-06: Experiment Log 826
D-2745: SCP-1062
D-76156: Experiment log 554-A
D-2843: SCP-1605
D-9134: Experiment Log 702
D-501: SCP-501, SCP-516 Testing Log
D-8268: SCP-1600
D-39393: SCP-943
D-8267: SCP-1600
D-505: SCP-516
D-10021: SCP-822
D-1075: SCP-2383-J-T
D-4859: SCP-1963
D-16173: SCP-911
D-75009: SCP-997
D-1269: Experiment Log 114 A
D-1074: SCP-1299
D-9912: SCP-822
D-39409: SCP-1302
D-12074: SCP-595
D-32907: Experiment Log 1250
D-1470: SCP-516 Testing Log
D-39395: SCP-324
D-7896: SCP-851
D-58921: SCP-1071
D-528-2: SCP-528
D-528-1: SCP-528
D-826-04: Experiment Log 826
D-940-02: SCP-940
D-826-05: Experiment Log 826
D-528-3: SCP-528
D-940-01: SCP-940
D-826-02: Experiment Log 826
D-2532: SCP-1172
D-826-03: Experiment Log 826
D-940-06: SCP-940
D-826-01: Experiment Log 826
D-940-05: SCP-940
D-47901: SCP-859
D-940-04: SCP-940
D-940-03: SCP-940
D-1689: SCP-1963
D-42966: SCP-356
D-3-18: SCP-049
D-13961: SCP-1112
D-98073: Experiment log 554-A
D-2763: SCP-1605
D-23512: SCP-112
D-161709: SCP-661
D-1983: SCP-1963
D-1101: SCP-1101
D-3202: SCP-1056
D-073: SCP-427
D-64502: SCP-432 Expedition 1
D-090: SCP-203
D-1699: SCP-702, Experiment Log 702
D-061-058: Incident 668 A
D-365-01: SCP-365
D-481-1: Experiment Log 531
D-34578: SCP-1898
D-44821: Round Trip
D-2753: SCP-1062
D-061-056: Incident 668 A
D-4605: Excerpts Of The Personal Log Of Research Assistant #915-g
D-3119: SCP-912
D-3118: SCP-912
D-1025-01: SCP-1025
D-6744: SCP-508
D-3117: SCP-912
D-1254: Three Words No Man Wants To Hear
D-596: SCP-516
D-1025-04: SCP-1025
D-3114: SCP-1216
D-1025-05: SCP-1025
D-1025-02: SCP-1025
D-1033654: SCP-102
D-1025-03: SCP-1025
D-03204: SCP-1302
D-085: SCP-682, SCP-682-J
D-183578: SCP-195
D-9948: SCP-819
D-16124: SCP-187
D-88174: SCP-332
D-834200: Incident Report Log 567-4012
D-7238: SCP-1051
D-13847: SCP-334
D-9182: SCP-833
D-1123: SCP-536, Experiment Log 702
D-34699: SCP-1898
d-1870: SCP-1036
D-34695: SCP-1898
D-34696: SCP-1898
D-34697: SCP-1898
D-34698: SCP-1898
D-3634: SCP-819
D-34693: SCP-1898
D-34694: SCP-1898
D-69965: SCP-324
D-13996: SCP-1112
D-713-054: SCP-713, Experiment Log 713
D-18274: SCP-818
D-1025-27: SCP-1025
D-1130: SCP-1299
D-7856: SCP-511
D-13448: Don't Call Us, We'll Find You
D-19564: SCP-1112
D-43174: SCP-612
D-9462: SCP-700
D-20384: SCP-093 'Blue' Test
D-38546: SCP-1339
D-10054: SCP-1095
D-6621: SCP-508
D-3639: SCP-1248
D-6893: SCP-1682
D-1132: SCP-1299
D-1025-28: SCP-1025
D-1039-1: SCP-1039
D-6772: SCP-432 Expedition 3
D-1011: SCP-1101
D-56653: SCP-412
D-6634: SCP-1172
D-9452: SCP-1467
D-7821: SCP-538
D-1010: SCP-702, Experiment Log 702
D-3859: Experiment Log 261 Ad De
D-99221: SCP-1882
D-16206: SCP-187
D-1191-1: SCP-1191
D-3155: SCP-1172
D-1002: SCP-1090, Experiment Log 114 A
D-34877: SCP-308
D-2000034: SCP-1095
D-53157: SCP-1000-J
D-5389: SCP-1963
D-693: SCP-693
D-63164: File #178-E
D-0423: SCP-1090
D-690: SCP-025
D-1950: SCP-838
D-6443: SCP-648
D-34534: SCP-112
D-1955: SCP-901
D-552-1: Test Log SCP-552 1a2a
D-894: SCP-894, SCP-1299
D-892: SCP-4237-J
D-9031: Document #096-1
D-7706: SCP-619-J
D-582: SCP-710, Experiment Log 443
D-7466: SCP-728
D-8321: SCP-432 Expedition 4
D-3126: SCP-912
D-3879: SCP-1031
D-3129: SCP-912
D-504-012: SCP-504
D-713-023: Experiment Log 713
D-5983: SCP-1963
D-28803: SCP-337
D-013-01: SCP-1189
D-145-3749: SCP-145
D-62225: SCP-301
D-83616: File #178-E
D-6554: SCP-50-AE-J
D-882: Personal Log of ????? "Iceberg" ????, Personal Log Of Dr Gears
D-13889: Experiment Log 261 Ad De
D-7710: SCP-1605
D-20192: SCP-1170
D-43134: SCP-1049-J
D-3277: SCP-517
D-892201: SCP-311
D-3968: Experiment Log 261 Ad De
D-193: SCP-682, SCP-398
D-45423: SCP-4237-J
D-3273: SCP-1083
D-671: SCP-543
D-3075: SCP-912
D-5999: SCP-481 Test Log
D-771: SCP-025
D-778: SCP-025
D-3073: SCP-912
D-56342: SCP-1032
D-9843: SCP-028
D-873: SCP-1299
D-6338: SCP-819
D-6335: SCP-440 Exploratory Log B
D-9035: Document #087-II
D-1701: Document 050
D-0452: SCP-2383-J-T
D-1182: SCP-028
D-3817: SCP-1034
D-521: SCP-516 Testing Log
D-3814: SCP-1034
D-1011-1: SCP-1101
D-1055: SCP-1055
D-66987-: Agent D-66987-C2 Contamination log (SCP-547)
d-1310-84: SCP-1310
D-3811: SCP-1034
D-9211: SCP-508
D-739-: SCP-739
D-8543: Experiment Log 114 A
D-3810: SCP-1034
D-14285: SCP-174
D-6539: SCP-123-J
D-512: SCP-936
D-921-109: SCP-921
D-3197: SCP-362
D-1617: SCP-568
D-1618: SCP-568
D-8234: SCP-344
D-05738: SCP-301
D-8432: Document #087-I
D-75224: SCP-595
D-14134: SCP-1983
D-5933: Revised Entry
D-1089-1: SCP-1089
D-1089-2: SCP-1089
D-1089-3: SCP-1089
D-23192: SCP-978 Extended Test Logs
D-645: SCP-4237-J
D-1-34785-24: SCP-736
D-0886: SCP-1090
D-023016-024016-024015: SCP-090
D-1922: SCP-818, SCP-818-Script
D-6411: SCP-432 Expedition 2
D-23574: SCP-595
D-016-2: SCP-016
D-532: SCP-936, SCP-034
D-34892: SCP-308
D-016-1: SCP-016
D-016-4: SCP-016
D-3826: SCP-459, SCP-1034
D-016-3: SCP-016
D-23187: SCP-944
D-1021: SCP-057
D-536: SCP-831
D-016-5: SCP-016
D-14454: SCP-943
D-1022: SCP-362
D-739-11: SCP-739
D-23045: SCP-1369
D-5165: SCP-1963, SCP-1546
D-23467: SCP-440 Exploratory Log A
D-44632: Learning Shit
D-42773: Don't Call Us, We'll Find You
D-382-: SCP-382
D-3821: SCP-1034
D-9801: SCP-508
D-173-2263: Conclusions RE: D-173-2263 Incident
D-173-2264: Conclusions RE: D-173-2263 Incident
D-173-2267: Conclusions RE: D-173-2263 Incident
D-736: SCP-025
D-7556: SCP-112
D-58563: SCP-324
D-234: SCP-475
D-2341: SCP-908
D-238: SCP-845
D-139: SCP-021
D-137: SCP-682
D-2348: Experiment Log 261 Ad De, SCP-1248
D-5656: SCP-1085
D-135: SCP-024
D-231: SCP-936
D-2344: SCP-1248
D-1191-108: SCP-1191
D-60445: SCP-301
D-5119: SCP-463
D-800: SCP-516 Testing Log
D-965215: SCP-661
D-272-07: SCP-272
D-272-09: SCP-272
D-942: SCP-1299
D-60014: SCP-301
D-4398: SCP-1963
D-330-01: SCP-330
D-10225: SCP-1022
D-245: SCP-1278
D-1191-44: SCP-1191
D-246: SCP-1278
d-1944: The Human Part of the Equation
D-303-2: SCP-303
D-303-3: SCP-303
D-303-1: SCP-303
d-1945: SCP-800
D-803: SCP-1299
D-272-03: SCP-272
D-552-12: Test Log SCP-552 1a2a
D-272-04: SCP-272
D-801: SCP-232
D-272-05: SCP-272
D-4599: SCP-508
D-802: SCP-025
D-272-06: SCP-272
D-2334: SCP-1049-J
D-272-01: SCP-272
D-272-02: SCP-272
D-84291: File #178-E
D-2028: SCP-838
D-5732: Document 1061-I
D-35784: SCP-112
D-6272: SCP-997
D-09355: Experiment Log 914
D-17549: SCP-874
D-75168: Experiment log 554-A
D-393: SCP-393
D-23001: SCP-452
D-1191-53: SCP-1191
D-258: SCP-624
D-691-7: SCP-691
D-0268: SCP-2383-J-T
D-504-5: SCP-504
D-256: SCP-624
D-691-1: SCP-691
D-110: SCP-1099
D-257: SCP-631
D-254: SCP-622
D-255: SCP-622
D-113: We're Off To Be The Lizard
D-252: SCP-623
D-253: SCP-623
D-2323: SCP-362
D-111: SCP-682, SCP-1099
D-251: SCP-623
D-504-4: SCP-504
D-504-3: SCP-504
D-118: SCP-831
D-504-2: SCP-504
D-504-1: SCP-504
D-821: SCP-936
D-820: SCP-516 Testing Log
D-627: SCP-627
D-84930: SCP-093 'Violet' Test
D-4279: SCP-463
D-492291: SCP-1055
D-34702: SCP-1898
D-921: SCP-818
D-34701: SCP-1898
D-783-53: Interview Log 783-1
D-34700: SCP-1898
D-41157: SCP-838
D-882-2: Personal Log Of Dr Gears
D-34703: SCP-1898
D-5521: SCP-1605
D-34704: SCP-1898
D-723: SCP-936
D-1191-67: SCP-1191
D-721: SCP-936
D-94920: SCP-592
D-6902: SCP-1605
D-124: SCP-682, SCP-021, SCP-024
D-17831: File #178-E
D-127: Incident Report 307
D-94923: SCP-949
D-129: SCP-682
D-5891: SCP-432 Expedition 4
D-478: Experiment Log 443
D-5893: SCP-112
D-783-44: Interview Log 783-1
D-4221: SCP-463
D-5619: Interview Log 022-751
D-3767: SCP-1180
D-2101: SCP-1090
D-63445: The Thing From Our World
D-691-25: SCP-691
D-835: SCP-692
D-837: SCP-818
D-12322: SCP-195
D-12324: SCP-4237-J
D-2388: SCP-1859
D-50113: Experiment Log 261 Ad De
D-279: SCP-682
D-50112: Experiment Log 261 Ad De
D-278: SCP-682
D-277: SCP-682
D-18899: SCP-1009
D-173: SCP-682
D-171: SCP-203
d-1979: SCP-800
D-970-294: SCP-970
D-970-295: SCP-970
D-5748: SCP-5972-J
D-6263: SCP-536
D-985: SCP-1299
d-1980: SCP-656
D-44589: SCP-898
D-1394-1: SCP-1394
D-17711: SCP-333
D-1394-2: SCP-1394
D-2941: SCP-819
D-1394-3: SCP-1394
D-1394-4: SCP-1394
D-1394-5: SCP-1394
D-388: SCP-396
D-24110: SCP-944
D-1394-6: SCP-1394
D-44446: SCP-1444
D-1394-7: SCP-1394
D-281: SCP-682
D-937122: SCP-567
D-185: SCP-516 Testing Log
D-701: SCP-1299
D-7: SCP-691
D-36176: File #178-E
D-287: SCP-845
D-8: Basking in the Light, SCP-1013
D-5: Experiment Log 318
D-2232: SCP-508
D-187: SCP-914
D-6: Testing Log 434
D-186: SCP-914
D-4343: Experiment Log 114 A
D-1066-7: SCP-1066
D-65468: SCP-181
D-723-1: SCP-723
D-3882: SCP-1031
D-1979-337: SCP-1979
D-1066-5: SCP-1066
D-21395: SCP-452
D-7632: SCP-350
D-951: SCP-516 Testing Log
D-723-4: SCP-723
D-9884: Document #087-III
D-1015-01: SCP-1015
D-21894: SCP-1058
D-1015-02: SCP-1015
D-270-4: Incident-270
D-547-: SCP-547
D-492: SCP-310
D-44592: SCP-898
D-723-7: SCP-723
D-44591: SCP-898
D-44590: SCP-898
D-3880: SCP-1031
D-84394: SCP-1302
D-3881: SCP-1031
D-16434: SCP-1302
D-1015-03: SCP-1015
D-12344: SCP-1112
D-2364: SCP-1062
D-15978: SCP-047
D-54493: SCP-093 'Green' Test
D-291: SCP-682
D-329071: Experiment Log 1250
D-2360: SCP-1248
D-1191-12: SCP-1191
D-5318008: Experiment Log 914
D-1066-1: SCP-1066
D-299: SCP-682, SCP-238
D-1191-13: SCP-1191
D-17517: SCP-456
D-044784: SCP-146
D-17515: SCP-456
D-361: SCP-1467
D-17516: SCP-456
D-1199-1: SCP-1199
D-67308: SCP-637
D-17514: SCP-456
D-21389: SCP-452
D-23908: Experiment Log 914
D-367: SCP-396
D-21017: SCP-452
D-23904: Experiment Log 914
D-691-12: SCP-691
D-7422: SCP-508
D-16544: SCP-911
D-163: SCP-710
D-9558: SCP-728
D-22413: SCP-536
D-8887: SCP-432 Expedition 5
D-121-371757: SCP-121
D-15810: SCP-997
D-682-32: Experiment Log T-98816-OC108/682
D-17321: SCP-1467
D-044323: SCP-146
D-582-2: SCP-528
D-84330: Experiment Log 261 Ad De
D-346707: SCP-1898
D-1061-14: SCP-1061
D-346706: SCP-1898
D-2081: SCP-401
D-334: SCP-831
D-84331: Experiment Log 261 Ad De
D-4112: SCP-498
D-4113: SCP-498
D-21020: SCP-452
D-238746: SCP-311
D-88778: SCP-764
D-61286: File #178-E
D-3534: SCP-5308-J
D-4320: SCP-1963
D-903912: SCP-567
D-4321: SCP-2383-J-T
D-87578: Experiment log 554-A
D-436: SCP-997
D-796-9: SCP-796
D-796-4: SCP-796
D-033: SCP-831
D-67531: SCP-324
D-498349: SCP-1095
D-57321: File #178-E
D-3466: Correspondence, Birth of an Angel
D-4514: SCP-1172
D-4513: SCP-728
D-5582: Document 1026-B, SCP-1026
D-349: 603-FT-2012
D-5784: SCP-5972-J
D-58092: SCP-301
D-2687: SCP-1062
D-345: SCP-396
D-344: Shuffle Tick Tick
D-145-4751: SCP-145
D-31415: SCP-943
D-796-1: SCP-796
D-9078: SCP-819
D-84766: SCP-1339
D-66943: SCP-857-D
D-19384: SCP-078
D-45884: SCP-1302
D-3354: SCP-258, Excerpts Of The Personal Log Of Research Assistant #915-g
D-83394: SCP-1049-J Extended Test Logs
D-3456: Document 860-I and II
D-602-01: SCP-602
D-067: SCP-058
D-4701: SCP-704
D-61955: File #178-E
D-13487: SCP-334
D-9999: SCP-4237-J
D-145-6842: SCP-145
D-8084: SCP-1180
D-313217: SCP-661
D-639-9: SCP-639
D-457: SCP-842
D-145-5319: SCP-145
D-459: SCP-842
D-458: SCP-842
D-452: SCP-034
D-455: SCP-516 Testing Log
D-054: SCP-831
D-40023: SCP-833
D-1409: SCP-50-AE-J
D-2298: SCP-1062
D-89003: SCP-1049-J
D-839229: Shark Tale
D-698-3: SCP-698
D-462: SCP-842
D-698-4: SCP-698
D-461: SCP-842
D-47565: SCP-859
D-29934: Spring Cleaning
D-8090: Experiment Log 702
D-698-1: SCP-698
D-460: SCP-842
D-698-2: SCP-698
D-192-03: SCP-192
D-698-7: SCP-698
D-698-8: SCP-698
D-9989: SCP-822
D-602-03: SCP-602
D-698-5: SCP-698
D-12004: Experiment Log 702
D-602-02: SCP-602
D-698-6: SCP-698
D-43553: Round Trip
D-2191: SCP-072
D-1589: Message of the Relic
D-52098: Round Trip
D-02841: SCP-765
D-5699: Experiment Log 114 A
D-5552: SCP-1248
D-001: SCP-1099
D-67564: SCP-112
D-2436: SCP-480
D-02844: SCP-765
D-1437: Incident Report I 028 F
D-51441: File #178-E
D-1570: SCP-441
D-16198: SCP-187
D-2180: SCP-1248
D-21332: SCP-944
D-11131: SCP-1302
D-47121: SCP-859
D-980-29: Experiment Log 980-06
D-104: Incident Report 307, SCP-203
D-980-27: Experiment Log 980-06
D-980-28: Experiment Log 980-06
D-102: SCP-057
D-980-25: Experiment Log 980-06
D-5410: Experiment Log 114 A
D-101: SCP-1099, SCP-516 Testing Log
D-980-26: Experiment Log 980-06
D-306: Experiment Log 914
D-100: SCP-1099
D-980-23: Experiment Log 980-06
D-202: SCP-682, SCP-516 Testing Log
D-980-24: Experiment Log 980-06
D-201: SCP-682
D-13904: Document 1005 01478
D-980-21: Experiment Log 980-06
D-1101-2: SCP-1101
D-342-: SCP-342
D-200: SCP-682
D-980-22: Experiment Log 980-06
D-1101-1: SCP-1101
D-49812: SCP-1000-J
D-980-20: Experiment Log 980-06
D-1426: SCP-2383-J-T
D-203: SCP-682
D-209: SCP-682
D-1101-3: SCP-1101
D-1101-4: SCP-1101
D-1101-5: SCP-1101
D-606955: SCP-661
D-55166: SCP-517
D-47-3: SCP-314
D-47-2: SCP-314
D-47-1: SCP-314
D-272-11: SCP-272
D-028: SCP-682
D-980-15: Experiment Log 980-06
D-272-10: SCP-272
D-027: SCP-682
D-980-16: Experiment Log 980-06
D-3412: SCP-2383-J
D-980-17: Experiment Log 980-06
D-980-18: Experiment Log 980-06
D-980-19: Experiment Log 980-06
D-24573: SCP-440 Exploratory Log B
D-5674: Document 860-I and II
D-3315: SCP-1056
D-5673: SCP-727-J
D-1066-14: SCP-1066
D-216: SCP-682, SCP-398
D-498350: SCP-1095
D-211: SCP-682
D-345781: SCP-1339
D-896-: SCP-896
D-8133: SCP-702, Experiment Log 702
D-54813: SCP-1000-J
D-27644: Experiment Log 261 Ad De
D-8627: SCP-728
D-2067: SCP-401
D-24436: SCP-049
D-61429: SCP-301
D-018: SCP-682
D-43895: SCP-308
D-1548: SCP-525
D-4431: SCP-508
D-02851: SCP-765
D-3403: SCP-1963
D-980-07: Experiment Log 980-06, SCP-980
D-2562: Document 860-III and IV
D-080-2: Experiment Log 080-2
D-011: SCP-1099
D-080-3: Experiment Log 080-2
D-010: SCP-1099
D-5567: SCP-702, Experiment Log 702
D-58243: SCP-440 Exploratory Log B
D-4436: SCP-066
D-080-1: Experiment Log 080-2
D-221: SCP-682
D-8754: SCP-1605
D-37894: SCP-1313
D-4040: SCP-1090
D-421: Experiment Log 914
D-18431: SCP-1112
D-2055: SCP-401
D-84323: Experiment log 554-A
D-4933: SCP-1036
D-75532-2: SCP-558

Out of 2,088 SCP Articles, Supplements, and Tales, there are 705 uniquely identified Class D Personnel.

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