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SCP-016 alive biohazard contagion keter sapient scp species transfiguration
SCP-008 alive biohazard contagion keter scp transfiguration
SCP-1783 biohazard canine contagion safe scp serpents-hand teleportation
SCP-353 biohazard contagion humanoid keter scp
SCP-686 biohazard contagion food liquid safe scp transfiguration
SCP-214 biohazard contagion euclid humanoid liquid scp
SCP-164 alive biohazard contagion euclid invertebrate parasitic scp species transfiguration
SCP-1249 biohazard contagion euclid humanoid scp swarm
SCP-510 biohazard contagion keter scp sleep transfiguration
SCP-910 biohazard biological contagion euclid scp transfiguration
SCP-1801 bacteria biohazard contagion keter scp sentient transfiguration virus
SCP-129 biohazard contagion fungus keter scp species transfiguration
SCP-593 alive biohazard cognitohazard contagion euclid neurological scp
SCP-1232 biohazard contagion gru-division-p mind-affecting organic reproductive safe scp
SCP-383 biohazard contagion euclid safe scp transfiguration virus
SCP-366 alive biohazard contagion euclid invertebrate scp species
SCP-1888 biohazard building contagion hostile location predatory safe scp telepathic
SCP-1035 biohazard clothing contagion safe scp
SCP-059 alive biohazard contagion extradimensional fungus keter radioactive scp
SCP-091-ARC archived autonomous biohazard contagion euclid humanoid scp
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