IRC Commands

These commands can be used in any channel in which Nala is present as a primary assistant.

Nala is currently listed as a primary assistant in #site19, #site17, #area14, #projectfoundation, and #scpminecraft, however she will defer to Grape, Grapewhistle, or CROM if they are present.

Nala may be addressed in channels in which she is a secondary assistant or in deferred primary mode by prefixing your request with her name. (ex: !nala !help)

  • !article or !scp - Performs a title search on SCP articles only. (!article original, !art vending)
  • !author - Retrieves basic information about a specified author, and generates a link to their member page, if one exists. Shows total articles and tales written, net upvotes, average page rating, total revision count, and top pages. (!author Clef, !au Gears)
  • !authordetails - Generates a detailed link page with all of the author's articles and tales, ordered by descending popularity. (!author Bright, !au Mann)
  • !authorstats - Generates detailed statistical information about the specified author. Shows net upvotes, revision, and average rating for articles and tales separately, as well as last page creation and page update. (!authorstats Light, !as Photosynthetic)
  • !define - Performs a dictionary lookup, courtesy of WordNik. You can also optionally specify a number for entries with multiple definitions. (!define love, !def test 2)
  • !errors - Diagnostic tool that shows pages that have a title description assigned on the index page(s) but do not physically exist. Created by request from pooryoric.
  • !google - Performs a Google search using the specified search term(s) and returns a link to the first result. (!google SCP Foundation, !g all your base)
  • !lastcreated - Shows the last three articles or tales created. Can also be used with an author name to check the last three articles or tales created by that author. (!lastcreated Bright, !lc Clef)
  • !lastupdated - Shows the last three articles or tales updated.
  • !pagestats or !rate - Shows detailed statistical and update information about a specified document. May be used with the full name (!ps scp-914) or with short notation for SCP titles (!ps 914). Can also be used without any name to check the detailed statistics of the last single page link generated.
  • !random - Generates a link to a randomly chosen article.
  • !roll or !dice - Simulates dice rolling using standard dice notation. Supports exploding dice (d6e), percentile shortcut (1d%), and Fudge dice (3df).
  • !search - Searches all indexed documents (articles, supplements, tales, and guides) for a matching page. (!search test)
  • !seen - Checks for the last recorded activity for a specified user. Case insensitive, but otherwise you must match the name exactly for this to work. (!seen Mackenzie)
  • !showme - Generates direct links for entries from lists generated by other commands, such as !author, !search, !tags, !tale, and more. (!showme 1, !sm 2)
  • !showtells or !showmemos - Requests all memos addressed to you, which will be sent in a private message.
  • !supplement - Performs a title search on supplements only. (!supplement 914)
  • !tagdefinition - Shows the definition of the specified tag(s). (!tagdefinition alive, !td cognitohazard memetic)
  • !tags - Searches articles for ones matching the specified tag(s). (!tag location, !tags transfiguration biohazard)
  • !tagstats - Shows basic statistical trends across all pages sharing the specified tag(s). (!tagstats euclid, !ts humanoid)
  • !tale - Performs a title search on tales only. (!tale marianas)
  • !tell or !memo - Sends a memo to the specified user, who will be notified the next time they join a channel or otherwise show activity. (!tell Mackenzie I have a message for you.) Note: Nala cannot verify whether a person is authenticated properly. It is probably not wise to send sensitive or confidential information via this command.
  • !unused - Returns a link to a randomly selected, unused article slot.
  • !update - Requests a fresh site crawl from the SCP Wiki. By default, Nala will re-crawl the site every 15 minutes, but if 3 or more people request a fresh update then it will be performed immediately and all requesters notified when it is complete. Please do not use this command frivolously. Undue load on the bot and/or server will result in a ban.
  • !wikipedia - Searches Wikipedia for an article matching the specified search terms. (!wikipedia paranormal, !w biology)
  • !youtube - Searches Youtube for a video matching the specified search terms. (!youtube all your base, !y scp foundation)

IRC Parsing

Nala passively parses the following information:

  • Nala recognizes SCP references in the form of scp-### as a whole line, or !scp-### inline, and will generate a link to the specified SCPs. Multiple inline references will generate multiple links.
  • Nala recognizes links to and, and will pull basic page information such as its title, rating, and tags.
  • Nala can recognize Youtube links in the form of and and will attempt to retrieve information for the specified video.

Private Messages

All commands that do not require channel context can be used in a private message to Nala, which is suggested for experimenting with commands or trying to do lots of lookups at once.

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